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Google buys YouTube, internet wonders why

Mike just posted what everyone else was expecting – Google acquired Youtube for 1.6billion. During the last few weeks, many people wondered whether the rumors were true – and many wondered what the strategy behind the deal might be. While I like the fact that Chad and the rest of the YouTube team get the recognition for their work, I think I’d rather see Google expand their offering and functionality instead of acquiring a whole community.

According to the investor conference call, Youtube will remain (at least somewhat) independent – something I believe Chad intended -, and honestly I hope that’s what happens. Communities like those of YouTube aren’t always keen on being associated with big corporations so only time will tell how this acquisition will have an impact on the site’s usage patterns. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Something I’d definitely like to see: a more polished-looking Youtube. Come on, guys, you really can’t deny having the resources now, right? :-)

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  5. hatbox says: December 28, 20061:41 pm

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