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Last week in the blogosphere (May 13, 2007)

Something I haven’t done in a while, here’s a list of the things that caught my eye on the blogosphere this week:

David Weinberger hits Yahoo and there’s a video of a conversation between him and Bradley Horowitz of YUI about David’s book “Everything is Miscellaneous“, which you should probably grab a copy of if you fancy the thought of organizing the world of information we’ve created as a species. Peter Merholz has a review of the book on his blog too.

Chris Pirillo gets down with how to start a business online – and he has some very good advice, too. I agree with pretty much everything he says in the post but the highlight is clearly how he defends something I do too – having an open strategy.

On quite the same topic of businesses, Lane posts up on slideshare the slides from his and Thor’s presentation at Webvisions 2007 – Be like the internet. Recommended, but I’m definitely waiting for audio to go with these.

Finally, MIT’s Technology Review has a very good article by Daniel Turner about “The Secret of Apple Design“.

  1. oakleaf says: May 14, 20072:41 pm

    Thank you for sharing this Fred :)

  2. Hitesh Mehta says: May 17, 20078:23 am

    oh this is fab! thanks for sharing.

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