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Yay! Totspot launched!

I’ve been (and so has the rest of the team here) pretty quiet during the last few months. Mostly because we were pretty busy working on Totspot (blog), which we launched with a group of really smart people. Totspot is a social publishing platform for parents and their kids. It’s a pretty niche market, but an exciting one too.


Totspot started out as client work and it became our single focus for months – definitely worth it, for several reasons. One: it’s pretty cool to be working on something that’s usually not your core audience – as you may know, we build solutions for teams much like our own who work on, with and for the web. Second: it gave us an opportunity to engage deeply with an idea. As a team, we usually focus either on planning, or on execution – and we don’t often get the chance to deep dive into a product like we did with Totspot. It was good to get back to thinking exclusively about one core problem, like we had before with Bell Canada, and with our own product, Goplan. Third: kids are awesome.


So I’m pretty excited about this launch. Totspot is now in a private beta stage and we’re slowly inviting moms and dads to check it out – if you want in, head out to Totspot.com and leave us your email address (we respect your privacy, your email address is safe with us). There’s more exciting stuff to talk about really soon, so keep an eye out – I promise I’ll be posting more often (especially next week from Vegas)

Note: Mike over at Techcrunch wrote about Totspot too, and Techmeme’s caught up to the story, so head over there and read up on what people are saying. Oh! And obviously there’s the official Totspot blog, where we’ll post product updates – go check!

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  2. unitedBIT’s RoundUp - Totspot launched! says: March 3, 200811:13 pm

    [...] Totspot is a social publishing platform for parents and their kids. It’s a pretty niche market, but an exciting one too. The startup explains why they According to TechCrunch, the service, which is built on Ruby on Rails, just entered private beta. They are targeting new mothers who will create profiles for themselves and their babies, and add other mothers/kids as friends. A key part of the service will be recording milestones like the first crawl, steps, solid food, word said, etc. with text, video and photos. Users will then be able to have books printed with all of this material, for an additional fee. under: Web RoundUp    Tags: baby, social network, techcrunch, totspot [...]

  3. Al says: March 11, 20089:48 am

    Sounds cool..

    Just out of curiosity, may I ask how many people were involved in coding this site? (cos it seems you’ve done it in quite a short time – 3 month if I’m not mistaken?)

    Good luck!!!

  4. sapo says: June 5, 20089:43 pm

    i don’t know

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