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Intel, sign me up

Look, I get overly exceited about stuff – sometimes that’s unwarranted, other times, it totally is. I believe this is a good reason to be at the edge of my seat: Intel showed off a prototype of a handheld – based on their Moorestown platform – today at the Intel Developer Forum. And I’m drooling. Here’s why:

I have an iPhone and I love it. I love how it looks, how it feels, the possibilities it has as a platform, the whole experience. But now I want this. Sure, the form factor may be weird because it’s tall/wide, but if the tilt experience is as good as on the next few videos, I’m hooked.

Now obviously these are marketing videos, and a device like this is only as good as the combination of hardware and software it uses. But for now you’ve got my attention, Intel. Where do I sign? For those of you looking for more information, check out Intel’s press release or Boing Boing Gadgets, who are running an article on the prototype as well.

  1. Bruno says: October 20, 200810:24 pm

    Well, the prototype has some interesting interaction details but the ergnonomy of the device is rather strange. One thing is for sure: portable, location-aware, multitouch devices are here to stay. I´m keen to seen what lies down the “road”…

  2. Eddie says: December 26, 20084:58 pm

    Would it have a virtual keyboard on each side of the device for typing? That doesn’t seem ideal

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