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On the closing of Brickhouse

So Techcrunch is reporting that Yahoo Brickhouse is closing doors. While this move doesn’t surprise me given how odd some Yahoo management decisions have been of late – and the fact that they had announced a downsizing recently -, it strikes me as, well, ultimately a poor decision. Allow me to reason why.

Mike argues that Yahoo should foster innovation throughout the whole company instead of just one group of isolated people up in San Francisco. However, while he’s obviously right about the need for innovation to be ingrained into Yahoo as a whole, I do like the idea of them having a group of individuals whose goal is to – at the lack of a better expression right now – think differently.

Changing a company’s mindset isn’t an easy task, particularly when you’re employing thousands of people. So by having a separate group of people working on inspiring products that normally wouldn’t come out of the “main house”, you might instill some healthy competition for great ideas – on everyone. This is the main reason why closing Brickhouse is weird unless there’s a set strategy to get people to innovate effectively inside Yahoo. On top of that, Brickhouse had some fantastic talent that shouldn’t go to waste.

I guess we’ll see how things unfold. I’m curious about what the strategy behind this move is, and about what happens to the products, ideas and people out of Brickhouse.

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